Colour Change for 550 (Green to Orange)


Orange parts required for a colour swap listed below. See description for exchange discount.

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£29.99 £14.99

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The 550 comes standard in Green but all orange parts are directly interchangeable. You can have all all Orange 550 or you can mix parts and have a green and orange combo colour scheme. There are two options available:

1. If you want to keep all your standard green parts just purchase additional orange parts  you want from the list.

2. If you are buying a 550 kit, you can exchange the main frames, tail fin and battery tray latch. If exchanging you will receive an 80% discount on these parts at checkout by using code ‘ColourSwap80%’.  Nose cone and boom shim need to be purchased outright, not subject to the exchange discount. Note that this discount is only available when purchasing a kit!

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