OMPHobby The M2 Explore, M2 V2 and the new M1.
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The M2 Explore, M2 V2 and the new M1.

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The M1 is OMPHobby’s all new ‘150’ class heli. It has all the same great features of the M2 but in a smaller package including simple and high performance direct drive main and tail rotors, just like it’s big brother.

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M2 Explore inherits the high performance of the original M2 version. Sunnysky and OMPHOBBY have always used the highest quality materials, with dedicated workmanship the M2 Explore is no different. The R&D team aims at reducing the purchase cost for enthusiasts without losing performance.

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When the Best
Gets Better

The M2 V2 is a high-quality product created by the OMPHOBBY R & D team for helicopter enthusiasts. Its compact size is suitable for indoor flexible flight and outdoor violent flight.

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ScotiaRC also provides parts for our OMPHobby model helicopters so you’re fully kitted for every flight, every emergency, and every customisation.

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