OMPHobby The newest line of model planes.
Now available through ScotiaRC.

Edge 540 Kevlar 60" - ARF or 'Combo'

The OMPHobby Edge 540 is a 60" span 3D beast, or great for sports flying too

OMPHobby Bighorn

Big Horn 49" 'Pro Flap' - PNP

Wide flight envelope from trainer to 3D, the Bighorn does it all.



OMP Hobby ZMO vertical take off and landing (VTOL) airplane, great for FPV hobby and professional UAV applications.

OMPHobby Super Decathlon

Super Decathlon 55" - PNP

This Amazing plane comes in with a wing span of 55 inches and carries a light wing load, and flies just like you would expect it to.

The newest line of OMPHobby model planes. Now available through ScotiaRC.

Super DecathlonEdge 540BighornZMO
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